WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS GmbH as a new member of IMBOS e.V.

The IMBOS e.V. association is pleased to announce the addition of WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS as a new member. This partnership underlines IMBOS e.V.'s commitment to promoting forward-looking information exchange among rescue workers in Germany and beyond.

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS GmbH is a brand of WEBER HYDRAULIK GmbH, a renowned company that specializes in the development and manufacture of rescue equipment and is known worldwide for its quality, performance and innovation. The company's inclusion in IMBOS e.V. is another important step in the development of a Europe-wide platform for information management in the BOS area.

"I am very pleased to welcome WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS as a new member of IMBOS e.V.. Their expertise and innovative products will make a valuable contribution to our mission to improve the safety and efficiency of rescue operations," said Sascha Pomp, President of IMBOS.

The integration of the new rescue devices from the SMART FORCE series into the IMBOS portal will offer all customers significant added value and advantage in rescue operations. Important information can be exchanged automatically between everyone involved.



For over 40 years, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS has been a leading company in the development and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic rescue systems for technical assistance. In addition to innovative products, the extensive range of services also includes training and education for rescue workers.


In the photo from left to right Peter Breuer (IMBOS e.V.), Hanno Diekmann (WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS), Andreas Conz (WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS), Sascha Pomp (IMBOS e.V.)