IMBOS Community

A non-profit organization with the responsibility to help.

The IMBOS platform is implemented by leading partners in the industry. The association is supported by ordinary members, supporting members and honorary members. Members of the association can come from a wide variety of industries, institutions, authorities and areas of application. Association members from industry provide a wide variety of cloud-enabled/IoT-enabled products. This gives the user a networkable product in order to be able to use the digital IMBOS platform to provide and receive data. In the future, customers will prefer to choose their products which are identified by the IMBOS label based on this added value.


IMBOS is part of the Disaster Response Program (DRP) initiated by Esri Deutschland GmbH

As part of the DRP, IMBOS provides a task force formed from the pool of its members. This task force can be called upon by affected federal states or districts in the event of major disasters. It provides targeted assistance in crisis management to deal with a situation.

With the activation of the task force, IMBOS also offers the “Rapid Response Unit”. This means that the most modern application technology is available, which is designed as a compact “plug play” solution. This is currently held at the Hamburg, Lohr a.M. and Friedrichshafen locations. Personnel for the use, delivery and commissioning of the technology are then also alerted.

With the Rapid Response Unit, hundreds of devices can be quickly transported to the scene in an emergency in order to efficiently digitally network vehicles, equipment and people on site.

This unit contains all the necessary components for optimal coordination:

  •  GPS based tags for precise location of vehicles, crew, patients and equipment. This means that up to 1,000 vehicles per hour can be digitally integrated into the situation map.
  • A digital dashboard including the Live View software app to visualize all available information in a real-time situation map. 

With these resources, IMBOS offers a platform to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies and to ensure coordinated disaster relief for the common good.