Deutscher Feuerwehrverband e. V. is a new supporting member of IMBOS e.V.

As part of the meetings of the support group and the advisory board of the German Fire Brigade Association on March 18, 2024 in Berlin, IMBOS President Sascha Pomp and IMBOS Vice President Peter Breuer met with Karl-Heinz Banse (President of the DFV) and Rudolf Römer ( Managing Director DFV) for the official management of the IMBOS membership.

“The collaboration enables an even closer connection between our association and the fire departments in Germany. The partnership represents an important step towards exploiting synergies and developing more effective solutions to the challenges in the field of fire and disaster protection. The DFV not only brings technical expertise, but also a large network of fire departments and experts. “With the new partner DFV, we at IMBOS will be able to incorporate important practical information into the new projects even more quickly in the future and use it to the benefit of all fire departments,” says Peter Breuer, Vice President of IMBOS.

IMBOS is the innovative and future-oriented information management for authorities and organizations with security tasks and creates an overview and security for action through the exchange of information and networking. IMBOS networks all information that is crucial for a security and readiness assessment of a situation, effective and efficient operations management and management of emergency forces, vehicles and equipment (equipment and material).

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