VISSER is a new member of IMBOS e.V.

Internationalization of IMBOS takes the first step

VISSER, a leading supplier of ambulance, safety and firefighting vehicles based in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands and part of the ZIEGLER Group, proudly announces its membership of IMBOS e.V. The announcement was made during the eRIC trade fair in April 2024 at Twenthe Airfield, the Netherlands. 

With VISSER joining, the entire ZIEGLER Group is now part of the pioneering non-profit organization. This marks a significant step towards international networking and strengthens the European reach of IMBOS.

"We are very pleased to welcome VISSER as a new member of IMBOS e.V.," said Sascha Pomp, President of IMBOS. "With the inclusion of VISSER and thus the entire ZIEGLER Group, we have reached an important milestone in the cross-border expansion of IMBOS."

The integration of VISSER into the IMBOS network further strengthens the platform. With its additional portfolio of ambulance and military vehicles, VISSER perfectly complements the product portfolio of the association's existing members and thus contributes to the expansion of the comprehensive ecosystem.  This enables even more effective collaboration and an improved overarching flow of information between the various players in the security and rescue sector. 

"Through our membership of IMBOS, we can optimally contribute our expertise in the field of command support, incident command and various connectivity services and at the same time benefit from the comprehensive standardized exchange of information within the network," says Taeke de Jong, Managing Director of VISSER.